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本次比赛以分院为单位进行,每个分院有来自四个不同年级的四位选手参赛。比赛开始前,英语Paul Delahunty老师为大家简单介绍了比赛规则。比赛共分为三轮,每轮五个单词,单词的难度随着比赛的进行逐步增加。所有在比赛中出现的单词均选自《剑桥英语学习词典》。比赛开始后,单词的定义被投放到了屏幕上,Paul Delahunty老师同时念出了其对应单词的发音。来自四个分院的参赛队员需要通过平时的单词积累与队员之间的讨论沟通,确定单词的拼写后将答案写在答题板上。

On January 16, 2019, NCIC high school department held an annual word spelling competition on the eighth-floored auditorium. After an intense competition, the Ruby house won the title with a full score.

The competition was held in houses, each of which had four contestants from four different grades, one per grade. Before the game began, Mr. Paul Delahunty, our English teacher gave us a brief introduction on the rules of the game. The competition was divided into two rounds, five words per round, and a final bonus round, as the game went on the difficulty of the word gradually increased. All the words that were used in the competition were selected from the Cambridge Learner's Dictionary. After the game began, definitions were placed on the screen while Mr. Delahunty read the pronunciation of the corresponding word. Participants needed to communicate within their houses and determine the spelling of the words and write the answers on an answer board. 


正式比赛结束后,到了跟观众互动的环节。Paul Delahunty老师向在场的观众们提问,大家随即集思广益,最终都得出了正确的拼写。

At the end of the competition, it was time to interact with the audience. Mr. Paul Delahunty asked the audience questions on the spelling of words in the bonus round. Everyone brainstormed and eventually came up with the correct spelling. 



The competition was very successful. This competition, not only united the students, made the school life more colorful, but also increased the range of words of the students, improving their English. 









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